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Taurus is a fixed earth sign. This means, typically, they love constancy and rootedness. When you’re after a gift for your Taurus man, be it friend or husband, you should look for those kinds of qualities to bring a shared energy to your Taurus. Really make him feel seen. And despite how your burly ox may seem, being ruled by Venus, the planet of love, means your man is emotional and gentle. He’s a lover, not a fighter.

Here are some gift ideas your Taurus man is sure to love.

Engraved Lighter

Having something special, something with his astrological identity engraved right on it, will mean a lot to your Taurus. This lighter is an elegant, beautiful design with the bull engraved right on the front.

Heat Changing Constellation Mug

This mug changes its design depending on if it’s hot or cold. When filled with a nice hot cup of coffee, the lines of the Taurus constellation light up like stars in the sky. This beautiful design is sure to dazzle the Taurus who receives it. (You can also get other constellations for the other signs in your life!)

Taurus Zodiac Travel Blanket

Honestly who doesn’t love a comfy blanket to snuggle up into? Your Taurus is sure to love this 100% Polyester blanket. It’s soft, plush and durable and will keep him warm during any activity, whether it’s snuggling on the couch or relaxing at the park on a chilly day.

YETI Rambler Tumbler

Everyone needs an insulated water bottle, and your Taurus is no different. These tumblers are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and have a no-sweat design to keep your hands dry while you stay hydrated. The lid is magnetic, as well, so there’s no risk of spilling your drink in the car. Plus, they come in plenty of different colors so you can pick his favorite!

Beard Grooming Kit

If your Taurus is the rugged type, then he’s sure to appreciate this beard trimming kit. It comes with beard conditioner, oil, a comb, and many other items that are an absolute necessity for someone with a well maintained beard. Help your Taurus keep his beard dapper and trim, it’s a certain luxury the bull enjoys.

Solar Garden Lights

Like the other earth signs, your Taurus likely enjoys spending a lot of quality time outdoors, taking in the fresh air and sunshine. Being a Taurus, he’s also a home body and prefers to nest. Combine those qualities, and you’ve got a gardening man. These solar garden lights will give his garden a stylish new look. Attractive, and practical.

Logitech Surround Sound System

There’s hardly a Taurus out there who doesn’t appreciate art in some form, whether it’s paintings or vinyl albums of his favorite artists. As such, there’s got to be music playing in the background at all times, while relaxing on the couch or tidying his space. This surround sound speaker system will be perfect for such a fellow. It’s the perfect gift for music lovers and tech geeks alike.

HOFTEN Black Silverware Set

The fact that the Taurus sign loves luxury and food is a well-known fact. You can combine those loves, with this silverware set. They can dig in to their favorite meals with a luxurious fork, knife and spoon, all anti-rust stainless steel. An amazing gift for the luxury loving Taurus. He’ll love to dine in style.

Eden Adjustable Pillow

The one thing the Taurus love more than cooking and eating, is laying around being comfortable. And really, who could blame them? The perfect gift for the comfort seeking sign is this amazing, adjustable pillow. It comes with a cooling zipper cover, and provides perfect levels of comfort as a memory pillow. Your Taurus will catch plenty of Z’s in comfort with this gift.

Artisan Leather Sketchbook

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is this gorgeous leather sketchbook. If your Taurus is the creative type, this will rock his world. A perfect combination of a creative outlet, with a beautiful luxurious design. The book has 120 pages of unlined paper, giving your Taurus a space for complete creative freedom to write, draw or even paint to his heart’s content.

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