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Being a fixed earth sign, Taurus loves constancy and groundedness. The Taurus lady in your life is probably a down to earth person that enjoys a bit of luxury and indulgence from time to time. The best gifts for this sign are luxurious, but practical. Something that makes her feel fancy and cared for, but at the same time has its practical uses around the house or in her daily life in general. Help your Taurus woman feel special with these 10 gift ideas she’s sure to love.

Lavender Scented Candle

You can never go wrong with a scented candle. I’m a Libra, and I love them too! This lavender scented soy aromatherapy candle will let your Taurus woman feel at the height of luxury while it’s burning. It’s makes the perfect birthday gift, or just to show you’re thinking about her.

Genuine Leather Backpack

This genuine leather backpack from S-Zone is bound to be an ideal gift for your Taurus. With a 14” shoulder drop, zipper closure and a standing height of 15”, this bag will give her the perfect amount of space for her belongings. On top of that, the leather exterior is gorgeous, made with cowhide, and the interior is lined with polyester. Form and function with this one!

New England Gourmet Coffee

New England Coffee, chocolate cappuccino, is sure to put a spring in her step every morning if she indulges in a cup of this delicious gourmet coffee. It’s made with 100% Arabica coffee, while also being gluten free and Certified Kosher. And the best part, New England Coffee focuses on environmental sustainability, so you and your Taurus can feel good about each cup that’s brewed. And if chocolate cappuccino isn’t her thing, they’ve got plenty of other flavors like blueberry cobbler and cinnamon hazelnut.

Antique Umbrella Jewelry Display

This umbrella stand is totally gorgeous, covered in hooks around the rim to hold anything from rings to necklaces. Multifunction sections that suit any need, with space saving removeable parts. Though the black is luxurious and classy, it comes in many other colors such as pink or white, and there’s bound to be a look for everyone. The stand is about 12 inches tall, and is made out of durable and high quality galvanized metal.

Spa Gift Basket

The Taurus love absolutely nothing more than to kick back and relax, and get pampered. This 10pc spa set is absolutely perfect for that. It uses nourishing ingredients like sunflower seed oil, vitamin e and vanilla essential oils to make her smell fantastic. The vanilla essential oil is especially helpful, as it encourages relaxation and mental clarity. That sweet vanilla aroma will take her on a journey of peaceful relaxation. Within the kit, there’s bath bombs, lotion, bath salt, a pouf sponge, a tote bag, and many more. Sure to knock it out of the park with the Taurus who gets this on her birthday.

Rose Scented Shower Set

The gentle aroma of British roses will take your Taurus woman into its sweet embrace, taking her down into peace and tranquility in the privacy of her shower, the sanctum of self-care. In the set are items such as a skin softening bubble bath, an exfoliator, luxurious shower gel, and much more. A standout for this set, is that it comes in a cute little high heel stand that keeps all the items nestled safely and on display.

The Comfy Original

Absolutely nothing says “I love you” quite like the most comfortable blanket she’ll ever have. This one size fits all Sherpa blanket with the fit of an oversized hoodie, is super cozy and can be worn just about anywhere. It’ll keep you warm in the winter, snug while watching tv or playing video games late into the night. The perfect length to take your warmth with you, but wont drag on the floor or get messy. Comes in lots of colors and is even easy to wash.

Hanging Flower Pot

If your Taurus is a bit of a nature loving type, then this gift might be perfect for her. These pots can be hung indoors, or outside in most weather types. They’re built to withstand even the hottest summer days and tons of sunlight. While they look like concrete, they’re made from lightweight recyclable plastic. They’re height adjustable, durable, with 4 drainage holes so you don’t have to worry too much about over watering or root rot. The drain holes ensure the flowers or plants get the perfect amount of water while draining off any excess. A perfect gift for any plant loving Taurus out there.

Bodum Chambord French Press

For a true coffee lover, a French press is a must have item. Regarded the world over as the best and greenest way to brew coffee, the French press has wormed its way into all our hearts, and your Taurus is sure to appreciate the fresh brews at home whenever she wants. This French press has a 3 part mesh filter, so there’s no need for paper filters anymore. More great taste, with less waste. Some parts are dishwasher safe, while others require handwashing.

Brass Bottle Opener

If your Taurus regularly drinks from bottles, such as glass beers, then this is the perfect gift for her. This bottle opener is made of solid, durable brass and is a gorgeous addition to a regular drinker’s kitchen utensils. It’s portable, durable, and not to mention multi-functional. While it’s primary function is to open bottles, it can also break windows and makes a neat looking keychain. The best part, is that due to the oxidation experienced, over time the brass will constantly and slowly change appearance, allowing your Taurus to enjoy different, all equally beautiful looks as time passes.

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