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The Gemini is a sociable air sign, and are very skilled in communication. With this unpredictable and multi-faceted sign, there’s never gonna be a dull moment. You’ll be certain to find the perfect gift for your Gemini man for any occasion. At least one of these is sure to speak to his quick witted sensibilities

Fenteer Coffee Cup Paper Clips

If your Gemini man loves his coffee, which I’m sure he does, try severing up a box of these cute little coffee cup paper clips. They’ll hold all his papers and documents together, while being sure to tell the world “I’m a coffee enthusiast”. They’ve got form and function.

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

No one likes to smell bad, but Gemini especially are concerned of their appearances. As an Air sign, the Gemini wants to ensure the air around himself is pleasant to himself and all those around him. Acqua Di Gio has citrus notes, Jasmine and bergamot. The perfect scent for hanging out in the daytime, or a casual evening dinner.

Pendleton Roll Up Blanket

No one wants to be uncomfortable and cold, so why not get your Gemini man a blanket he’s sure to love. This blanket is made of wool and nylon and will be able to keep even the coldest person warm. It sports a pretty decent size at 5 feet by 5.8 feet. Not ideal for those taller Gemini though. It’ll give them cold feet – literally!

Journaling Pen Set

If your Gemini man likes to write or keep track of things in a planner or bullet journal, why not get him this fantastic pen set? It comes in a 14 pack of assorted colors with highlighters, gel ink pens, and they all have little clips on them to keep them safe in their box. The clips also show the color of the pen so you don’t have to waste ink testing them out first. Can be used on just about any paper surface.

Street Bike Full Finger Gloves

Is your Gemini man the adventurous type? Then the probably has a bike of some kind, whether it be a motorcycle, dirt bike, or a bicycle. These gloves are perfect for long rides. They’re breathable, shock resistant, and have extra padding and armor to protect the knuckles from impact. And best of all, they come in yellow. That’s a Gemini color!

33 Piece Painting Set

Moving away from physical activity for a moment with this entry. If your Gemini man is more of a soft home body than an outdoorsman, perhaps he’s more interested in artistic pursuits. If that’s the case, this 33 piece art set would be perfect for him. It comes with an easel, sketchbook, paints and brushes, and more. It’ll be sure to satisfy his creative urges.

Stylish Tree Mug Organizer

If there’s one thing air signs love, it’s style. That’s why this durable steel mug organizers is perfect for a Gemini’s kitchen. The sleek black design, 15 hooks and sporting a minimalist style will be a compliment to any kitchen counter. Is sure to please coffee and tea drinkers alike.

Vetelli Vasari Toiletry Bag

Is your Gemini man on the road a lot? Whether he has a job that requires out of state business meetings, or he just likes to travel, pick him up this toiletry bag from Vatelli Vasari. He’s sure to love it. The bag is made from cruelty free, water resistant PU leather and has plenty of space for all the things he needs. It’ll easily fit in overnight luggage or for a carry on, for those long flights. Makes an ideal birthday gift, father’s day surprise, or something to show you truly care on Christmas morning.

Custom Pocket Knife

If you’d like to gift something a little more personalized to your Gemini, this is the way to go. A gorgeous knife with an individualized engraved handle. You could put his name or initials, a special date significant to him, a symbol. The limit is your imagination.

Titan Dice Set

Nerdy and geeky cultures and pastimes have become pretty mainstream these days. Comic books, larping, and especially table top RPGs like Pathfinder and the famous Dungeons and Dragons. If those are the kind of hobbies your Gemini fella is into, then you’ve found the perfect gift. This is a 7 piece giant polyhedral dice set. The case is a beautifully engraved wooden box, and the dice themselves are smokey black with gold markings. They’re perfect for any DnD enthusiast.

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