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There’s nothing better than getting the perfect, most well thought out gift on your birthday. That’s exactly the best way to show your Gemini woman that you love her, a gift that best suits her dual-spirit sign. Ruled by Mercury, these signs are sociable and fun-loving, and have a great affinity for style.

Beeswax Taper Candles

This set of colorful beeswax candles will make a nice, romantic gift for your Gemini woman. You can use them in various different scenarios and paint a warm atmosphere with them. They are also non-toxic and lead free, and environmentally sustainable, ethically sourced.

Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Who doesn’t love to be comfy? This 100% microfiber blanket will ensure your Gemini gets all the comfort she could ever ask for. It’s a machine washable fabric, comes in tons of colors, 70×60 inches which makes it the perfect “snuggle on the couch” kind of blanket. Not to mention it can class up the joint, and we all know the Gemini loves style.

Ban.do Cooler Bag

Now this is a cute gift that’s sure to match your Gemini’s eclectic and versatile style. It’s a large bag, holds up to 20 soda cans, a comfortable handle, and most importantly a vibrant and colorful fruit design. The insulated interior allows your Gemini to carry all her snacks and drinks without worry of anything getting room temp. No one likes a warm soft drink.

Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kit

If your Gemini is the type to dabble in nails and make-up, maybe this lovely Kiss nail set would be perfect for her. These French nails give the salon look, but at home. There’s different styles and colors available, and they all come with strong glue for a better and longer hold.

Fujifilm Instant Camera

If your Gemini woman likes art, perhaps you could interest her in this versatile mini camera. Photography is fun and easy to get into, and this camera is perfect for the beginner. It gives that somewhat vintage look, while maintaining modern standards for cameras. Automatic exposure, macro lens adapter for close up shots, high key mode which allows nicer looking snaps in any light. It even comes in different colors, allowing you to pick the perfect compliment to your Gemini’s established style.

Colorful Bluetooth Speakers

These speakers create a colorful and fun environment, with 6 color rainbow LED lights. They’re definitely better suited for the night, when all the 16 million colors light up the room. No matter if you’re relaxing or dancing to the strobe effect, if your Gemini needs some fun in her life, this is it. Not to mention the speakers themselves, Hi-Fi stereo sound, Bluetooth system, it’s everything she could need for a fun night in.

Malicious Women Gemini Candle

If your Gemini woman comes with a bit of an attitude, this candle will suit her just perfectly. It’s made with exotic hemp, allspice and pepperberries, with black ashwood and patchouli leaves. The wick is braided cotton with paper core, zinc and lead-free. The candle itself is made mostly from soy, grown and manufactured in the U.S.A. and hand poured in Washington. With a burn time of about 40-50 hours, your Gemini woman will get a good laugh, and plenty of smell good relaxation time out of this gift.

Dasein Rhinestone Shoulder Bag

Now, recalling back to the Gemini’s sense of style, if yours is in need of a new bag, look no further. This shoulder bag is made of vegan leather and is 100% eco-friendly. IT has a gorgeous finish in tons of colors available to suit your Gemini woman’s personal style. Decorative hanging chain on the front, Rhinestone accents, huge gold rings, and plenty of space inside to hold whatever your Gemini needs to bring along. It even comes with a 30 day free repair if it’s damaged upon arrival.

Vitruvi Stone Oil Diffuser

Everyone loves for their personal space to smell good. That’s why this hand crafted, ceramic oil diffuser would make a perfect gift for that Gemini you have in mind. With a 100ml capacity, you can drop 10-20 drops of oil in the diffuser and be set for 3 continuous hours, or 7 interval hours of output. It’s easy to clean with a water reservoir, and easy to use. All you need it the power chord that comes shipped along with the diffuser. It looks nice on a coffee table, too.

Rael Beauty Face Mask Sheets

After a long day of work, social obligations, family obligations and errands, give your Gemini woman the gift of relaxation with this face mask variety set. 5 Hydro lock hydration masks, 5 vitamin c masks, 5 collagen masks, and 5 tea tree masks. They’re made with all natural, soothing ingredients and can be used with all skin types. These masks are also free of many ingredients, such as parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, silicone, artificial fragrance, and many others that are terrible for skin

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