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Today is the day where we all get together and celebrate our mothers. The woman who raised us, took care of us, kissed booboos and cut off the crust on our PB&J. Really, where would we be without our amazing mothers! After all the years of toiling through motherhood, an often thankless job, it’s only fair that our lovely ladies get a whole day to celebrate everything they’ve done, all they’ve sacrificed, to see us happy and successful as adults.

Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror

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This gorgeous mirror will be a perfect addition to any room in your mother’s home. It’s backlit, with warm light and adjustable brightness levels. It may not be natural light, but it comes very close. It provides a clean and bright reflection, giving your mother the perfect lighting for makeup and hair fixes. It even works well at night.

Eberjey Gisele Pajama Set

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These pajamas made of a soft modal jersey, are not only classic in design, but comfortable in wear. They’re designed to keep even the hottest sleepers cool. They offer a comfortable, snug tailored fit and hug an fall in all the right places. These will quickly become your mom’s favorite pair of PJs, and she’ll look her best while feeling her best, in her own home. They come in quite a few different colors as well, so there’s bound to be a shade that’ll make your mom happy.

Silk Sleep Mask

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This silk mask is designed to absorb less moisture through the night, and is meant to be gentle on delicate skin. Not only that, but it’s shown to be able to absorb less facial cream than cotton, so if your mother is into anti aging creams, this is the sleep mask for her. Even better, it reduces friction on your face as your sleep, reducing the “sleep crease” and reduce strain and pressure on the delicate tissues around the eyes. That’s good news for those worried about crows feet and eye bags! They’re comfortable, safe, and come in many different colors to suit any buyer.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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This 2 inch memory foam mattress topper has 5 body zones to maximize the comfort of the sleeper. If your mother has been complaining about a sore back or joints, this is the gift to get her. It’s perfectly textured across the entire surface to help reduce tossing and turning, and improve sleep quality overall. The foam is designed to be especially soft and airy, while at the same time being supportive across the entire body during sleep. This particular item is a king size, but they have many other sizes available at the time of posting.

NatraCure Moisturizing Heel Sleeves

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Nobody likes dry and cracked heels. They’re unsightly, uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and if left untreated they can become infected. The crocodile like skin snags on fabrics, your carpet, your sheet, your socks. These vented moisturizing heel sleeves are meant to help treat those awful cracked heels. Your mom can sleep in them, wear them around the house, or treat those heels on the go. They come with a gel pad inside the heel that releases a therapeutic oil to the skin.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

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This creamy balm is made with 20% shea butter, honey and almond. That rich texture will leave your mother’s hands soft and silky smooth, and yours too! It can be applied at any time, as often as needed. And the best part, is that it leaves no oily traces on the hands.

Fringe Throw Blanket

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This is a stunning, exceptional mudcloth-inspired blanket with carefully assembled decorations, handmade tassels. The primary color is white, and the black is hand painted. It’s made with organic cotton. 52 by 70 inches.

Cocotique Self Care Subscription Box

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5-8 full size, deluxe, and travel size beauty products. They’re all carefully curated for women of color. There’s an assortment of magnificence beauty and self-care items in each box.

Memory Foam Slippers

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This pair of slippers is designed with safety and comfort in mind. No slip, rubber soles. Warm and breathable plush fleece with a fluffy faux-fur lining that caresses the ankles. Not only are they comfortable, they’re fashionable as well. Many different colors available, on top of the chic and fine design.

Amazon eGift Card

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And lastly, if your mother is just that hard to shop for, why not let her get exactly what she wants or needs with this giftcard from Amazon.

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